On YouTube, Steven Crowder goes on bigoted rant against indigenous Americans: “You're a conquered people”

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Citation From the June 29, 2022, edition of Louder with Crowder, streamed on YouTube

CROWDER: That is fantastic.

GERALD MORGAN (CO-HOST): It's our land. Sorry.

CROWDER: I'm not going to lie, I'm really glad that didn't happen in 1993 when they were hosting the really early UFCs because, hoo boy. But -- yeah, you know. I'm sorry, you're a conquered people.

MORGAN: We gave you land.

CROWDER: You can't just say, we'll have our own police. Yeah, we've seen how that's worked out. It's just – it's just meth.

MORGAN: The die on the rez. This is like the whole premise of Yellowstone.


CROWDER: Good. Where else is this a thing? Think about it. Where else do people win wars and then give people land and say, oh, by the way, you don't have to respect the laws of the rest of our land. What?


CROWDER: And that's what I mean when they go, oh the white man, they're oppressing my land. We should give it back. It's like, hold on a second, since you guys are saying the white man, the Native American reservations, it just looks like normal white people -- which, by the way, includes all non-natives. So that would include Black people, that would include Asian Americans -- it just looks like the crappy areas.

MORGAN: Yeah and well, and it's the best case study in history for the government taking care of you and seeing how that goes – giving you land, giving you universal basic income, and saying we'll take care of everything. Okay, well what has it led to? What inventions have come out of that? What advancements in technology and science have come out of that?

CROWDER: Now hold on a second, what advancements took place before the evil Europeans came over? They didn't use the wheel. Look, look, look. You don't need to know everything else. What do you think happens when a society that doesn't use the wheel, that absolutely has seen it accidentally and decided ah we're just going to drag this – encounters one with guns? It doesn't mean that evil was not committed on both sides.


CROWDER: In the television season run of history of American history, the Native American era – that's just the crappy flashback episode.

DAVE LANDAU (CO-HOST): Kinda, yeah.

CROWDER: It's like the writers didn't want to put a whole lot into this. Oh, because the white man forced me. Yeah, go enjoy your Android and Levis, you shopping mall Santa fraud who doesn't pay taxes. Not all of you. Not all of them. I'm just talking about the people who try and act – here's the thing, there is nothing stopping you right now, Native Americans – they say, we want to go back to – there's nothing stopping you from living off the land. There's nothing stopping you from living the way you used to live. You have your own land. It's been given to you. You pay less for it than everybody else.