On YouTube, Steven Crowder demands that all Republicans support dismantling the FBI and all intelligence services

Crowder: “The next president of the United States needs to prosecute everyone. Needs to clean house everywhere.”

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Citation From the August 9, 2022, edition of Louder with Crowder, streamed on YouTube

STEVEN CROWDER (HOST): Look, every now and then when we get to do this show, we get to do it. And I mean that even though this is a very dark day in American history, we get to do this with you. We get to experience it with you. This is one of those days that you were going to remember for the rest of your life. This is one of those days that you were going to be telling your children about, your grandchildren about. This is a line that has been crossed. A bell that has been rung that can't be unrung. And let me just tell you this before we move on today, we're going to get into what we know. There's a lot of misinformation out there, both sides largely from the left and mainstream media. We'll get into what the FBI is doing, what the FBI is not doing.

But before any of that, last night, I thought about doing a video on Instagram, something while this was happening or going to a live stream in that moment because we've done that in the past. I was conflicted. And let me explain to you what I mean. You're mad. I'm mad. You're pissed. Rightfully so. But you don't want to make decisions at that point. You want to make decisions that are measured and appropriate. And you don't want to interrupt your enemy while they're making a mistake. So that's what I was thinking about.

And then I started thinking about, okay, strategy. What does this mean? Obviously, this is going to have some backlash with the midterms. How should we couch our words? I always try and be pretty prudent with issues like this, and then I found myself at the crossroads. If you have children, by the way, they shouldn't be watching this show today. At the crossroads of I Don't Care and Fuck You.

This is so wrong, so tyrannical. There needs to be a hill that you're willing to die on. This is it. And I don't mean literally. I'm not calling you to violence, unlike what's being implied on Twitter. Eric Swalwell with a fight like hell – banging Chinese spies.

You're mad. Now, we don't need to make our decisions right now. We do need to wait for some information to come out. But the world needs to see that half of this country is pissed. I'm not saying make executive decisions while you're pissed, but we all need to hit the purge button and the world needs to see you hit the purge button and we get to hit the purge button with you.

So I reserve the right to change my mind on some things that I say today. I reserve the right with new information to maybe change tact. But, today is a day that we all have the right to be pissed off, to yell, to scream. To behave not as egregiously as the left. It's time to fight fire a little bit with fire.

And today we're also going to get into – I was really spending all night and I didn't sleep much thinking about what is it that I can do? What is it that we can do here where we can offer you quantifiable steps that you can take? And some of those are going to have to be addressed on Mug Club, not on YouTube, not because it's a call for violence, not because it's a call for a physical civil war. But because I don't know the rulebook and I know that they're on high alert over there at YouTube. We have an inside skinny on that.

And before we get to anything else and we're going to get into the show here today and hopefully have some fun with it as well, because I understand that's a big reason why you tune in. Let's just dispel of this idea right on the outset that, oh, this is a Trump appointee to the FBI. Sure. Oh, this is a Trump appointee, the judge. Maybe, we'll get into that. Garland had to sign off on this. So. That's what you were seeing, is what they've been saying on CNN all morning, MSNBC, all the mainstream outlets.

Look. This is just like the issue we discussed yesterday with the IRS. It's about job security. Do you mean to tell me that every single employee at your company looks out for the best interests of the boss who hired them? It could not be less relevant. It doesn't matter if they were appointed by President Trump, they can also betray people. These are people in government entrenched who value their job security and their benefits over your right to freedom.

And here's something else. Yeah. We need to be prudent. We need to be measured. But there's a reason that you should be mad. And there's – by the way, I wish I could say I bring you tidings of great joy. I think there is a silver lining in that. There's a reason that you feel scared and you should be. There's nowhere else to go. Let's be clear. There is nowhere else for this administration, for these intelligence agencies to go, other than to conveniently use the radical expansion of the IRS to do this to you. That's their only next step. What else can they do? Beyond going in door to door like Gestapo and taking your guns. Right. Like they did in places like Australia. Sorry, mandatory buyback. Beyond the actual physical violence, there's nowhere else for them to go other than to do this to other people.

And they've already taken measures yesterday, with amendments and a process that was done in the dead of night in secret rooms so that you can be audited. You can be prosecuted. Your house can be raided. And by the way, it's happened to a lot of people. Sure, it's happened to James O'Keefe. You may not be familiar with what happened with us and the FBI. We'll get into that.

It's okay to be mad, so to be scared. I am. Everyone in the United States should – if the left understood what this meant. They would all be scared to. Because this goes both ways and for the first time that I've advocated on the show. It should go both ways. You can't unring that bell.

The next president of the United States needs to prosecute everyone. Needs to clean house everywhere. And I will tell you this. We'll get into this. Here's a purity test for you. Any Republican who does not actively right now within the next what time is it? 10:18 Eastern.

By noon today. Any Republican right now in office or running for office who does not actively champion the defunding, the dismantling of our intelligence agencies, I will not vote for. Don't care who it is. Are you listening, Ted Cruz? Are you listening to DeSantis? Are you listening, Rubio? Are you listening now?

The term skeleton crew should be a generous application to what the FBI will be when the next president is through with him. This is not about backing the blue. It's not about guys with guns. It's about guys with pencils. It's about buttersoft bitches with clip-on ties who are just taking orders, just doing their job.

Well, guess what? I know the people who are having you do this have promised that they'll kill your ass figuratively. That's never how it works out. So yeah, the extremes, the Bill Kristols of the world, the Lincoln Project. The I'm the good Republican. No, you're not. You're complicit with evil. And any Republican and any host, anyone who claims to put on our team jersey and doesn't actively advocate for the dismantling, dismembering, complete restructuring if at all of all of our intelligence agencies, there is a special place in hell for people like you. It's one thing. To wear the jersey of evil. It's another to try and link arms with us and then turn on us. How's that for a purity test?