On YouTube, Steven Crowder declares “all of Islam is a doomsday cult”

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Citation From the October 30, 2023, edition of Louder with Crowder, as streamed on YouTube

STEVEN CROWDER (HOST): When people talk about the doomsday cults of Christian -- and they're stupid --

GERALD MORGAN (CO-HOST): Right, yeah. 

CROWDER: Where they're trying to invite doomsday -- they'll even talk about that with Israel. Right? They'll talk -- because of the messiah. Do you realize that all of Islam is a doomsday cult? That really we're only going to reach the end when every single Muslim is converting every person on Earth?  You need to constantly struggle for a global caliphate? And maybe not everyone does that, but 198 Muslims in the world think it's okay to sometimes kill civilians and at least 54 million Muslims, according to these polls from Pew Research, say it's okay to kill civilians most of the time. You deal with that very different, very differently than a pickpocket.