On YouTube, Steven Crowder blames “feminism and how they've lied to women” for police killing Daunte Wright

Crowder: “Race obviously had nothing to do with it, OK?”

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Citation From the April 14, 2021, edition of Louder with Crowder, streamed on YouTube

STEVEN CROWDER (HOST): We have a few takeaways here, let me be clear about a few things: Now that we've seen the footage, race obviously had nothing to do with it, OK? The female officer seems less than capable.


The issue here is the accidental shooting and the woman who didn't know the difference between a Taser and a firearm. And not only that, her partner crosses that line of sight on the barrel like three times. This woman was a danger to herself and her partners. And I will tell you this: This is the issue that I have with female officers. Oh, can you say it? Look, what is a female cop going to do if not shoot? Whether it's a Taser or a gun. That guy clearly said, “Oh, this is my chance," the second -- the second he was passed from the big, burly male officer to the female officer. “Taser, Taser, Taser, Taser." And she couldn't even tell that she had a loaded firearm aimed at her own partner.

This is something that I think is pretty important. It relates to everything. I was talking about this with you yesterday. It relates to feminism and how they've lied to women. We've seen this with, obviously, the female officers, women in the military where they create gender-neutral fitness tests and then more women fail so they say, “Well, we'll have a gender-neutral test, which we already lowered the bar to make sure more women passed, but now we're going to take into account biological differences." What? And then, by the way, if you claim to be a woman and you're a man, you can take the gender-neutral but biologically different test. “Yeah, we want you to go to the front lines and you don't have to do a tummy tuck, just do planks." Good, September 11, that will keep the terrorists shuddering in their boots, if they have boots over there. Shuddering in their sandals.


Here's the thing, we convince young women that they add value in ways that they don't because we convince young women that they add value in ways that a man would add value. So, let's use this with a female officer there, OK? And I know this isn't a rookie. She's been on the force for over two decades from what I understand. 

DAVE LANDAU (CO-HOST): To be clear, she's the one holding the gun yelling, “Taser"?

CROWDER: She's the one holding the gun yelling, “Taser, Taser, Taser." Yes, exactly. So, I don't know how she slipped through the cracks but I have a guess. We have lower PT requirements, for example, in the military until we became gender-neutral. We want to have quotas being filled. For example, United Airlines saying half of our pilots are going to be women of color even though they make up 6% of the population. Hey, how about having the most capable pilots? 

But this woman probably goes out -- you see this a lot with women in the military, women in the police force saying, “Look, I aced my exam." Well, great. You now have reached the bottom rung of average men in physical capability. You can't physically subdue somebody, so you have to shoot them, so you have to tase them. Men want a partner in the police force who can watch their back. They don't care that you did well for a woman, they want the most capable person there humanly possible. You add no value if you did the female push-ups. You add no value if you scored off the charts on a written exam if you panic in the field.