On YouTube, Steven Crowder and co-host compare COVID restrictions to Nazi Germany

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Citation From the January 17, 2022, edition of Louder with Crowder, streamed on YouTube

STEVEN CROWDER (HOST): If you set a line in the sand and you say, alright, you know what? No one can come to my house and take my children. And then you find yourself not honoring your own self-imposed line in the sand, you're a coward. Then, that line gets breached, you go, well, I guess they're just taking the kid to the camp for two days, that's not that bad -- first example, you're acting out of emotion, that's a bad thing. But the second example is just as evil, you're acting out of cowardice and fear. You need to put those boundaries up. 


GERALD MORGAN (CO-HOST): Historically, it never goes well when they come and take your guns, when they come and take your speech, when they come and take you to a place because you're othered for whatever reason. Vaccinated, Jewish -- I'll say it, sorry. If you want to talk about Nazi Germany in the 1930s, it was not far off from what we see today around the world. 

CROWDER: No. They even said they carried viruses.

MORGAN: Yeah, they absolutely did. It was othering people.

GARRETT MORRISON (CO-HOST): That was the reasoning.

MORGAN: But it’s happened in other countries, right? It’s happened in Cambodia, almost a million people died in the killing fields there. Do you want to keep trying this? It happened in Russia and the revolution. Do you want to just keep doing this and see if it goes better this time? Because we would all look back at Nazi Germany or look back at Pol Pot’s regime in Cambodia and say, I wish the neighbors had stood up for their friends but they didn’t.