Steven Crowder’s YouTube show likens people who throw drag events to Hitler

Crowder: “So if anyone here – really, if anyone's more like Hitler, most like Hitler, one could argue, it's these people abusing children.”

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Citation From the June 6, 2022, edition of Louder with Crowder, streamed on YouTube

STEVEN CROWDER (HOST): Before we move on the drag show – and by the way, to people who complain, why are you addressing this? There's other stuff going – there is nothing more important to Western civilization than the idea of mothers, fathers, husbands, and wives, and the nuclear family. And if you don't see how dramatically insane it's become, that we are now taking children to cross-dressing strip shows, if you don't see that as teetering on the edge of losing civilization, then you and I just disagree.


CROWDER: So don't ask me to stop covering it. I'm not.


CROWDER: June 6, 1944, allied forces, of course, stormed the beaches of Normandy. And that was one of the most important moments of World War 2.


MORGAN: And by the way, if any of us could've done back to that day – can you imagine, like, put yourself in Saving Private Ryan, you're standing next to Tom Hanks, and you're like, alright, everyone's nervous, they're throwing up, and you show him a cellphone – man, I really appreciate what you're fighting for today. By the way, in June of 2022, they're going to be doing this, and you show, like, the kid drag queen thing –

CROWDER: Well, don't – you could've just said this, and we would've gone to the clip. 

MORGAN: Well, then we're on the wrong side of things. They would've been, like, turn the boat around. Turn around. I'm sorry.

CROWDER: They would've been like, oh my gosh. I don't like --

DAVE LANDAU (CO-HOST): Stop the fight. 


MORGAN: They were right. We don't believe in everything but, mostly, they were right. 

CROWDER: They would've been like, so, Pearl Harbor, that one's on you. But there's the Bay area over there –

LANDAU: This is a –

MORGAN: Take that area. Leave half for us. 

LANDAU: We were blaming the Jews?


LANDAU: It was our fault all along. 

CROWDER: I can't believe that. We said it was the Jews. But this is, like, really severe. Like, I made up the things about the Jews. You're actually doing this. You're actually having five-year-olds place dollar bills into your panties and you're a guysin?

LANDAU: Release the Jews and apologize. This is too much.

CROWDER: They make the Jews sign a treaty, like, ok, listen. We will release you on the terms that you are now the Gestapo for all the drag events.


MORGAN: Well, Hitler was, in part, a response to this kind of culture developing in Germany.

CROWDER: Now, let's be clear. Of course, no one is defending Hitler –

MORGAN: Not at all. I'm saying that he's terrible.

CROWDER: Or saying that he's – the only point that we are making –

LANDAU: I'm saying that he would jump on board with it because he's an awful – yes


LANDAU: He's an awful human being. Probably the worst in human history. Agreed?

CROWDER: He would've been – yes. Hitler would've been a self-loathing –


CROWDER: – drag dancer with children. That's what we are saying. So if anyone here – really, if anyone's more like Hitler, most like Hitler, one could argue, it's these people abusing children.