Steven Crowder says the US should not defend Taiwan unless they arm their own citizens

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Citation From the June 16, 2022, edition of Louder with Crowder, streamed on YouTube

​​STEVEN CROWDER (HOST): Guess what? When you're fighting on your own terrain, when you know the locale where you'll be fighting, guess what? You have a huge advantage. Think about the home court advantage in sports games. You don't think so in the hills of West Virginia? Louisiana and the swamps of Louisiana? In Texas? These people who live here are going to know how to defend it better than the people who've never set foot there, are going to know how to attack it. That's absolutely true. Not to mention the ability, here, to have incredible firearms, which we rightfully should. 

And I'm not being facetious, a part of me would like to see -- if I were president, I would say Taiwan, talks are off the table. We will not help you protect you unless you allow every single citizen to have firearms. Oh, only shotguns? No, no. You allow them to have AR-15s, you allow them to have high-capacity semi automatic rifles, the kind of stuff you would need them to use during wartime. Because don't come to us for protection when you haven't maximized your own resources. And the most important resource, as it relates to any kind of amphibious war that we might see with Taiwan -- again, you can go back to a previous -- is going to be the citizens, and the citizens' ability, ergo, the militia to protect themselves. 


Back in the day, if we were to protect a country like Taiwan, protect a place like Taiwan, it would be like, ok, now you speak our language and you pay taxes to us. You know, if we were a king, if we were a monarchy. You don't go in to protect another country because you're dependent on them for chip sets. It's, guess what? Your chip sets are ours now. We get a commission. Because, well, why? Because you wouldn't exist if not for us. So, it would've been colonization. Which everyone here wants to bitch about. How do you think the world works? How do you think the world works? Throughout history -- do you think Genghis Khan was paying for other nations to take in refugees? He was making refugees and killing them on the way out.