Steven Crowder says men should not “defer to women” so that “decisions aren’t made emotionally that lead to a child transitioning”

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Citation From the June 14, 2022, edition of BlazeTV's Louder with Crowder

STEVEN CROWDER (HOST): OK, here’s what we have. We have a problem with a -- an entitled white broad and a dad with no balls. Notice she’s doing all the talking. He’s going, “Oh yeah, you know, what she said.” This is why it's also not good for men to simply defer to women. And by the way, we’ll get to this in a second, the church -- the Christian church has done a really poor job of this, too. It’s “happy wife, happy life.” “Oh, you know what, I haven’t had an opinion in years. I’ve been married.” No, that’s not how it's supposed to work. You take leadership as a man in the household so that decisions aren’t made emotionally that lead to a child transitioning at five.