Steven Crowder says defends calling Native Americans “savages”

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Citation From the September 22, 2021, edition of Louder with Crowder, streamed on YouTube

STEVEN CROWDER (HOST): First off, that's a stupid term. We used to say indigenous then we had to say Native American. I don't know where you went back on the rule but I think the skrillex hair glue is getting to your brain it makes no -- you can't say indigenous. Are you not supposed to? Aboriginal. 


CROWDER: Redskins. 

MORGAN: No. Nein. 

DAVE LANDAU (CO-HOST): Day drinkers?

MORGAN: No, no. Moving on. 

CROWDER: The, you know, just the race of the people who were here who lack the genetic processing enzyme to process fire water.

LANDAU: Yes, that's all. 

CROWDER: Yeah. Those people. So -- 

LANDAU: My native friend -- his name is Spotted Bear, I'm not even joking -- 

CROWDER: Really?

LANDAU: Yeah. And he said savages is what they don't like to be called.

CROWDER: Really? Because as a white guy I love to be called a savage.

LANDAU: I don't mind -- when I say savage, I never connected it, though, to a Native American.

CROWDER: Yeah well –

LANDAU: I always just connected it to somebody behaving like a caveman.


LANDAU: But I guess savage is their word they think is kinda -- it's their n-word, if you will. 

CROWDER: Well you now what? Look, and I understand that, too. They should've probably avoided scalping women and children.

LANDAU: Well –

CROWDER: They kind of walked into that one. 

LANDAU: I mean we did some stuff back.

CROWDER: We did. Let's call it a wash.


CROWDER: Look, we get it. Sorry, smallpox blankets. But now you have NyQuil. Right? Take the good with the bad.