Steven Crowder: “Russia could take all of Europe and it wouldn't even affect us that much”

Crowder tells the president of Ukraine to “foot your own bill”

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Citation From the May 24, 2022, edition of Louder with Crowder, streamed on YouTube

STEVEN CROWDER (HOST): So, what do you mean enforce the sanctions? What do you mean swift consequences? Do you mean from the world's greatest superpower that you just bitched about in 2016 and praised our downfall? Hey, how about this? Foot your own bill. Foot your own bill. This is what happens. We get to a few years of peace, that just shows the natural peaceful order. Anyone here actually believe that the natural order of humanity is peace? That's how privileged we are.

GERALD MORGAN (CO-HOST): Yeah. We had a moment of it. It's not been all that peaceful. War's been going on around the world.

CROWDER: And everyone tells us that we're an evil empire just because the United States has recognized that the world historically hasn't been peaceful. Which, by the way, kind of a part of our history. Same reason for guns here in this country. Right? Which you guys needed for every citizen in Ukraine. Oh, hold on a second. That's an argument for the Second Amendment. We understand -- I think we did -- something happened. We fought off the world's greatest superpower, you know, colonialists which you hate, to become the world's greatest superpower in the next century, which has never happened before or since. So, it's kind of ingrained in our history that we understand the world's a little bit of a violent place. Instead you guys in Europe say no, no, no. Let's all -- we're all stakeholders, let's hold hands, we are the world, oh my God. Here comes Russia. Please, Americas, help us. Nope.

Russia could take over -- you know what? Russia could take all of Europe and it wouldn't even affect us that much if we didn't want it to. We could be entirely independent. What, there's going to be a land war in the United States? Either they're going to have to nuke us or cripple us economically. They're not trying the former, right now they're trying the latter. And they told you that's what they want. They told you in their own video that they want the United States to crumble as a superpower. Who else do you want to fill that void? Sweden? Shut up.

MORGAN: For a guy whose country is getting pummelled, he has a lot of time to make these appearances.