Steven Crowder pushes conspiracy theory that parents will have their children taken away if they don't take them to drag shows

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Citation From the November 17, 2022, edition of Louder with Crowder, streamed on Rumble

STEVEN CROWDER (HOST): There is a concerted effort to, not only indoctrinate your children -- Let me set it up this way. Did you ever see the movie Hook? Peter Pan but Hook specifically. The goal was to get the children away from the parents. Right? So they would eventually forget their parents and then they could be controlled. That's the goal here - is to create enough distance and separation between what parents might want for children so that then they could get their claws in young and then they could petition and lobby CPS. And maybe five years down the line, it becomes standard practice that if you do not allow your children to attend drag shows or your child to get on puberty blockers, you lose your kids. This is all designed to put a wedge between parents and their children.