Steven Crowder mocks a local reporter for having an “aggressively Asian face”

Update (10/21/21): Local Bay Area news station KPIX 5 and CBS Television Stations issued the following statement condemning Crowder's bigotry targeting reporter Betty Yu: “We stand in solidarity with Betty, an accomplished journalist and valued member of our CBS family. These hateful and offensive remarks are outrageous and destructive and reaffirm the importance of our work as journalist to shine a light on anti-Asian violence and hate speech when it occurs.”

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Citation From the October 20, 2021, edition of BlazeTV's Louder with Crowder

STEVEN CROWDER (HOST): San Francisco In-N-Out, they've been in a battle with the city over – let me just let them tell you the story, vaccine requirements. 


CROWDER: Oh, that is an aggressively Asian face. 


CROWDER: It is a -- I mean that just means if you were a skier it would be like a black diamond you'd have to drop in on a chopper. 

LANDAU: Where's Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz?

CROWDER: The city confirmed that it closed a private business for not acting like the health – for not acting like the FDA.


CROWDER: By the way, the reason I say that is because usually with the reporters, they're, like, they're kind of like Americanized Asians. So I think it's a good thing. 

GERALD MORGAN (CO-HOST): Yeah, yeah, no. It's culture. 

CROWDER: It's a good thing. It's full Asian.

LANDAU: I wish she would have kept her fan.

CROWDER: Yeah, you know.