Steven Crowder goes on racist tirade against “shithole countries” and Native Americans

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Citation From the May 24, 2022, edition of Louder with Crowder, streamed on YouTube

STEVEN CROWDER (HOST): It is absolutely horrifying. And we need to cut ties to the rest of the Godforsaken world that is Europe. I'm sorry. It is just as bad as a lot of the countries that people -- it's just as bad as the "shithole" countries, they just have better lighting. They have better sconces. That's all. 

CROWDER: Yeah, look at the price of freedom right now in Ukraine. They're paying a price. Otherwise, it can be subjugated to Russia. And this also, by the way, going back to the idea of Native Americans where you had this thing in Canada with the French and Plains of Abraham and we gave it back to them. We want reparations. You know, you have Native Americans this, and, by the way, I think it's the Lakotans. There were 20,000 when they took the Black Hills and then genocide was committed and now there's a mere 170,000. 

MORGAN: Do the math.

CROWDER: No. You're a conquered people. That's what's happened. It's actually sort of like in a company, we've talked about this, if you think someone maybe needs to be fired, you should do it right away because it's the best thing for them. And the United States should've said to every group of people, look, you are now American. We won. And, by the way, the way that you're going to be subjugated is you're free. Just don't rely on everybody else to pay for your stuff. That's it. So, us, instead of enslaving you, is you now live in a country where we demand freedom of everybody. You just can't come to us and demand free crap from somebody else. That's it. As opposed to what Germany would've had done, as opposed to what Russia would do, as opposed to what they did do, as opposed to what Genghis Khan did, as opposed to Attila the Hun. As opposed to all of humanity. 

The natural order is not peace. And these people are smart enough to know that. They're smart enough to know that. So they're lying because they want to create a society in an image of, what? Well, you have the haves and the have nots. Hey, by the way, most of these people are leftists, socialists, just to be clear. Not capitalists. Let's just be honest about that.