Steven Crowder: Gay men are “definitely more predatory in nature as far as recruiting”

“You need to understand the risk, particularly with young boys, in your household as it comes from this community”

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Citation From the June 17, 2021, edition of BlazeTV's Louder with Crowder

STEVEN CROWDER (HOST): Look, I want to say too, we've talked about are they -- there's active recruitment. This is the point. And it's everything bad is good. Obesity is good. Now we're told healthy habits are bad. The expectations of being -- discipline is considered bad now. Discipline. Hygiene. These are mind control chemical agents from a, I guess, Joe Biden's government. I don't know how to keep track. The point is everything bad is now seen as righteous and everything righteous is now seen as evil. 


CROWDER: And this is also why, by the way -- look, I will say -- this is a message to women out there. I think women, generally -- and I mean this -- don't fully understand the danger at play particularly from gay men. They are definitely more predatory in nature as far as recruiting than women because men are more sexually predatory in nature.

I think a lot of women just think oh, you know, he's just catty and I always have him -- you know, women always love having gay friends. And I've known that for a long time. And I understand it's -- you're comfortable because it's like being with a woman. But they don't often understand the world, when we're talking about sexuality, that men live in. And so you don't see it nearly as hypersexualized, for example, with lesbian women to the same degree that you see with gay men.

Look, here's the issue with the homosexual community -- with men, that I need women to understand. Because they're often like oh, what's the harm in going to drag queen story hour. OK, any woman who has been in a sexual relationship with a man, OK? Think of all the times that the man wanted to have sex, which was pretty much always, and you said, not right now. Now, remove the not right now -- that's every gay couple. That's why almost none are monogamous -- statistically, it's true. A very very small percentage of gay couples are monogamous. Why? Because men can have unfettered sex with no emotional connection and, guess what? It feels good.

And this is why you have a hypersexualized community. This is why AIDS was exclusive to the gay community in the United States, despite how Fauci lied about it initially. Your chance of getting AIDS right now, in this country, as a heterosexual monogamous non-drug using male is 0%. And it's still statistically zero even if you haven't been entirely monogamous, let's just be clear about that.

And I want -- this is a message to mothers out there. Because I think fathers always inherently, at least, understand what they -- they're overly protective of young girls, generally speaking. And then they are, generally speaking, more aware of how they need to be protective with young boys. It's why often women don't understand how young boys are bullied, because it's very different from how young women are bullied.

And so, you need to understand the risk, particularly with young boys, in your household as it comes from this community. And what do I mean by this community? I mean men who have kids climb on them, show them their crotch-less nylons, and do drag queen story hour. It's not just fun and a little bit peppy or spicy. It's a problem. And you need to be aware of how they're marketing to your kids. Of course, fathers do too. But it's one thing that I've seen a lot of women be a little bit glib -- do you know what I mean -- to what happens with young men. For the same reason that they don't fully understand that their son -- most women are not aware of the fact that their son probably gets his ass kicked far more than they're ever aware of.