Steven Crowder co-host says CNN's Don Lemon dresses like a “pedophile”

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Citation From the May 18, 2021, edition of BlazeTV's Louder with Crowder

DAVE LANDAU (CO-HOST): Big news, guys. Don Lemon is leaving CNN. Don Lemoan. Don Lemon announced CNN Tonight with Don Lemon is coming to an end. 


He dresses like a sex offender. 


A judge told me to be chemically castrated. 


STEVEN CROWDER (HOST): If he decided to forego the American Hustle yellow pedophile glasses.

LANDAU: Does he look like that? 

CROWDER: That's his casual firing day. 

LANDAU: His casual wear is very pedophile. Where he just comes to your house and he's like, “Hi, just moved in. I do have some cameras facing the park, but it's just to watch birds."