After being suspended from YouTube, Steven Crowder announces his plan to evade it via his other YouTube channel

Update (3/31/21): Louder with Crowder co-host Dave Landau announced on Twitter that YouTube had removed Steven Crowder’s video posted to the Crowder Bits channel from March 30 for “violating community guidelines.” The video, in which Crowder stated his intention to evade YouTube’s suspension, is no longer available on YouTube.

On March 30, YouTube host Steven Crowder announced that YouTube has demonetized and suspended one of his accounts for a week. Crowder first announced this in an Instagram post and his co-hosts Garrett Morrison and Gerald Morgan Jr. also made announcements on Twitter.

Crowder has already stated his intention to evade the suspension. In a video posted later in the day, Crowder announced his plan to livestream episodes on his Crowder Bits channel.

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Citation From a March 30, 2021, video posted to YouTube

An article on Crowder’s website stated that YouTube cited violations of the platform’s policy “related to misinformation and incendiary and demeaning content.” In a brief update episode of Louder with Crowder posted on BlazeTV that day, Crowder’s attorney Bill Richmond expanded on this, saying that YouTube determined a video from March violated its policy on election-related misinformation. The March 1 edition of Crowder’s show is no longer available on his YouTube channel. (Crowder has pushed misinformation about the election since returning to air in 2021 after a break; a prior video from February 2021 of him pushing similar misinformation remains on YouTube). Richmond also stated that Crowder Bits has been demonetized but not suspended.

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Citation From the March 30, 2021, edition of BlazeTV's Louder with Crowder

Crowder has repeatedly been suspended from Twitter in recent weeks.

On March 16, Crowder engaged in a widely condemned racist bit against Black farmers. In response to public outcry, YouTube determined that the video did not violate its hate speech policy but did remove the video for violating its COVID-19 misinformation policy. YouTube also put a viewer discretion warning label on one video that had extensive use of bigoted speech by the show’s co-hosts.

Former Media Matters staffer Carlos Maza pointed out the problems with YouTube’s half-measures:

(Correction 3/31/21): This piece has been updated to correct the name of Crowder's lawyer.