Fox's Steve Doocy suggests Democrats' questioning of Attorney General Barr on Mueller report will be “a perjury trap”

From the May 3 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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STEVE DOOCY (CO-HOST): So [Attorney General Bill Barr] didn't show up yesterday. Why? 

KEN STARR (FORMER INDEPENDENT COUNSEL): Well, he told the committee very clearly, he is within his rights in saying so, look, I will answer the questions of duly elected members of Congress, but not your hired guns. And so, you know, we just have a standoff here. He's within his rights. The committee has rights as well. So it becomes a matter of a Washington power play. 

DOOCY: But there were 18 lawyers who are members of Congress, what's one other lawyer -- what difference that does that make? Are they worried that he's going to commit perjury?

STARR: Well -- oh, you mean in terms of the perspective? It's just--

DOOCY: Yeah. A perjury trap? 

STARR: At this stage, everybody is very well advised to be on guard, be very careful, because they are already calling the attorney general of United States, who I think is an honorable guy, trying to do the right thing, a liar. So, be cautious and say, look, we will go by the traditional rules here.


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