Fox's Steve Doocy praises Fox correspondent Griff Jenkins' reporting on debunked ebola rumors in migrant caravan 

Jenkins: “Congo is significant for all those worrying about migrants. They could be carrying diseases.”

From the May 3 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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GRIFF JENKINS (FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT): We got a look exclusively inside the other major shelter here and it tells the story of a very global migrant community. We have people, we saw people from literally every country you can think of. Not only from Central America, but from Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Uganda, Cameroon, Ghana, and the Congo. Now Congo is significant for all those worrying about migrants. They could be carrying diseases. The Congo is having an epidemic of ebola cases. 

JENKINS: This as they are setting up on the border in El Paso and in the Rio Grande Valley, tents to deal with the surge of people coming across the border, guys.

STEVE DOOCY (CO-HOST): Griff Jenkins, great reporting this week. You know, you reported yesterday about how there had been an ebola scare there. You were there for a fight earlier in the week. For two bucks you rode a raft from Guatemala into Mexico like many do. 


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