Fox Finally Reports On Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against Chairman Roger Ailes

Shepard Smith Reads From Ailes' Statement, Provides No Other Details

From the July 7 edition of Fox News' Shepard Smith Reporting:

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SHEPARD SMITH (HOST): Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes is responding to a lawsuit filed by lawyers for Gretchen Carlson, calling her accusations or allegations false and offensive. Gretchen Carlson is accusing Ailes of sexual harassment and wrongful termination after the company reports her contract was not renewed in June. She also claims her former co-host, Steve Doocy, created a hostile work environment. Roger Ailes said in a personal statement, and I quote, “Gretchen Carlson's allegations are false. This is a retaliatory suit for the network's decision not to renew her contract, which was due to the fact that her disappointingly low ratings were dragging down the afternoon lineup. When Fox News did not commence any negotiations to renew her contract, Ms. Carlson became aware that her career with the network was likely over and conveniently began to pursue a lawsuit.” Ailes continues, “Ironically, Fox News provided her with more on-air opportunities over her 11-year tenure than any other employer in the industry, for which she thanked me in a recent book.” Ailes writes: “This defamatory lawsuit is not only offensive, it is wholly without merit and will be defended vigorously.” Fox News parent company, 21st Century Fox, announced it has launched an internal review and that it has full confidence in both Roger Ailes and Steve Doocy.


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