After a woman explains that people in America die because they are too poor to have health care, Fox News shows no empathy

Bret Baier: “Alright have fun at the pub!”

From the November 6 edition of Fox News' Election Coverage:

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VOTER: Like I've said before my husband, my sons father, Sean Krauss passed away this summer because he didn't have health care. And he died because he was poor in America and it happens more often than people would like to believe. 

STEVE DOOCY: And that was the number one issue for you.

VOTER: Number one.

DOOCY: When the Democrats, Bret and Martha were talking about health care, a couple of people here at the bar, the Patton alley bar, that hit home. That is why they voted for her. Of course, Josh Hawley's people are waiting for the results just about a mile from where we are standing right now. All right, back to you all in New York. 

BRET BAIR: Alright have fun at the pub!


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