USA Today Allows Ted Cruz Endorser Steve Deace To Pen Post-Debate Analysis

Iowa-based radio host Steve Deace said he will be providing “post-debate analysis” for USA Today following tonight's CNN-sponsored GOP debate. However, Deace's endorsement of Ted Cruz on August 19 calls into question the objectivity of his analysis.

Deace's contribution to USA Today is a continuation of the two contradictory roles he has carved out for himself as both a conservative firebrand who attacks LGBT and Muslim communities on his radio show and a seemingly sober political analyst who provides a conservative perspective on MSNBC and NPR. Deace provided a timely example of his dual roles by writing an article for the Washington Times describing how the national debt, the arrest of Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis, and the continued existence of Planned Parenthood prove that America has “forgotten” the lessons of 9/11 on the same day he's set to provide objective “post-debate analysis” for USA Today.