Steve Deace Calls Transgender Rights Activist Sarah McBride “Freak Show” And “The Cross-Dressing Dude” After Democratic Convention Speech

From the July 29 edition of Conservative Review's Steve Deace Show:

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STEVE DEACE (HOST): We got some of the Democrats' freak show because they can't help themselves, because they are a freak show. They can't help but show it to us. You had like the transgender, well, really, cross dresser, there's no such thing as transgender, it's a scam. So the cross-dressing dude spoke at like 6:00 eastern and nobody watches, but he got his nice, little turn for that victim class, so they can, you know, feel like they are a part of the club. But they didn't put the freak show on when 30 million people are going to watch. He spoke at 6:00, when you and I are having dinner and didn't care. 


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