Iowa Radio Host Steve Deace And Guest Agree: Obama Is A Marxist, “Not A Christian”

Leading Iowa talk radio host Steve Deace and guest, author John Zmirak, claimed President Obama is a Marxist and “not a Christian,” and asserted that progressives “disdain Christianity” and are trying to “remake the image of Christianity in Obama's image.”

On the April 14 edition of his program, The Steve Deace Show, Deace invited Zmirak, conservative author and editor of faith based news outlet, to discuss Zmirak's recent article attacking President Obama over comments referring to marriage equality made during his Easter prayer breakfast. After Deace asked Zmirak to “psychoanalyze the president,” Zmirak claimed the president “is not in fact Christian” adding that the president “is a post-colonial, quasi-Marxist.” Deace agreed and discussed his Washington Times article in which he asserted that “Jesus says Obama is not a Christian.” Deace concluded that progressivism is a cult and the only reason “leftists” want to label Obama a Christian is that “they want to be able to try to remake the image of Christianity in Obama's image”:

The questioning of Obama's faith by Deace and Zmirak goes beyond the popular conservative outrage of Obama's Easter prayer breakfast remarks in which conservatives claimed that Obama “smear[ed] Christians.”

Deace, who Bloomberg's Dave Weigel called one of the “most powerful Republicans you've never heard of,” is a regular contributor to the Washington Times,, MSNBC and the Conservative Review and wields significant influence on Iowa Republican primary voters through his radio show. Deace has used his influence to promote Senator Ted Cruz's (R-TX) 2016 presidential candidacy on his show, and according to the Des Moines Register, has “served as an informal, unpaid consultant giving Cruz his take on the Iowa landscape and recommending connections with certain Iowans.”