IA Radio Host Steve Deace Lashes Out At Pence, IN Republicans After RFRA Press Conference

Deace: “When You Look Between Their Legs, There's No There, There”

Iowa radio host and Washington Times columnist Steve Deace strongly criticized Indiana Gov. Mike Pence (R) after Pence agreed in a press conference to amend Indiana's recently passed Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA), which would give businesses the right to discriminate against LGBT Americans, calling Pence “gutless” and comparing him and other state Republicans to “eunuchs.”

Deace, who is notoriously anti-gay, initially supported Pence on his March 30 radio show, instead blaming the “rainbow jihad” and "religious bigots" for causing an unnecessary issue with a law he incorrectly claimed was the same as in 19 other states. 

Despite the backing of likely 2016 Republican presidential candidates, Pence held a press conference announcing he would revisit the law and ensure there were protections for LGBT Americans. On his March 31 show, Deace called Pence a “gutless hack,” and said that any chance he had at the Republican presidential nomination is gone. Deace added of Republicans: “When you look between their legs, there's no there, there. Eunuchs all. Well, almost all. GOP leadership is rapidly removing any reasons for a conservative to vote Republican, let alone remain one.” 


In an interview with the Washington Post and on his show, Deace said RFRA is “the first litmus test of the race” and that for him, if a candidate did not align themselves with anti-gay laws, they would be a non-starter in his eyes.

Deace, who has frequently appeared on cable television to discuss how national stories will play out in Iowa, was recently called one of the “most powerful Republicans you've never heard of” by Bloomberg Politics because of his influence in the key primary state of Iowa.

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