IA Radio Host Steve Deace Calls Transgender Student A “Crossdresser” Who Makes Girls' Locker Room “Not Safe”

Deace On Trans Teenage Girl: “He Looks Like A Dude”

From the September 2 edition of USA Radio Network's Steve Deace Show:

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DEACE: Don't know if you saw this story. I think it's Hillsboro school, Hillsborough High School. There is a boy who wants to be named Lila. And frankly when you see pictures of him you would not doubt that he is a boy. You would look at him and think, well this guy looks like maybe just, you know, wants to be, you know, the backup, you know, bassist when Guns n' Roses does the reunion tour. He looks like a dude. He just looks like a dude that would be in most rock star videos with long hair. There's nothing about him that even remotely looks feminine.

So it's not just anatomically a dude, he still looks like one. So here's a boy who's a cross-dresser, and because the adults have said that 'that means you're transgendered,' you can go into the girls' bathroom. And now the students, who of course have all been worked over, Rebekah, by the pagan morality, the spirit of the age. Even despite all of that indoctrination, over 150 students walked out on this school yesterday and said “Enough is enough.” It is not safe having boys in the girls' locker room, there's just something wrong about that. How can I, a 15-16 year old high schooler figure this out? When I want to act out, I have trouble controlling my urges, and I received all the indoctrination your taxpayer dollars paid for, and even I can figure out despite all of those handicaps, Rebekah, that these young people bring into the conversation, they are still able to figure out, you know there's something wrong about a dude walking into the girls' locker room, that's not safe and that's not right. So they staged a walkout. It literally now, the children have to lead the adults. That's what we've come to in this insanity.


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