BlazeTV's Steve Deace: “There is a clear psyop going on to convince people that, you know, Trump is inevitable”

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Citation From the November 22, 2023 edition of BlazeTV's The Steve Deace Show

AARON MCINTIRE (CO-HOST): The psyop polls that show Trump continuing to rise no matter how bad he is and DeSantis following -- or falling while crushing every issue is more evidence that Trump is controlled opposition, or at minimum, polls are a gaslighting mechanism to discourage DeSantis supporters. So, right after we went off the air in the last segment, Trump got 24 percent in the Iowa caucuses in 2016. The latest poll of Iowa shows him at 47 percent. Who is that 23 percent that are so engaged and so motivated that they're going to get up on a cold winter's night in January? Who is that 23 extra percent? I don't know who that is. 

STEVE DEACE (HOST): I don't either. I don't think Donald Trump is controlled opposition. I just don't. And I think the system is showing you that. But I do agree with the second part of your analysis. There is a clear -- there is a clear psyop going on to convince people that, you know, Trump is inevitable.

If you believe any of the national polls currently having Trump beating Biden will at any point after he is officially the nominee next year, if that were to happen, that they will then have that exact same result no matter who the Democratic nominee is, then you are really too dumb to live. I -- and maybe should be considered -- should consider yourself moving to a country like Iceland that believes in euthanization. Alright? That's a clear psyop. There -- there's a lot at stake here. Networks want the -- I mean, can you imagine the ratings for the trials of Trump? What are those ratings if he's not the GOP nominee? I mean, they're still pretty high, but they're largely a sideshow at that point.

The amount of vested interests -- there's -- there are too many people in this industry who are leveraged to the hilt with Trump from a financial standpoint. The networks want it. They want the trials. They want the drama. They want the ratings. Trump wants it for all those various things, but he's also fighting for his own survival here, on many -- on multiple fronts. And his -- his ability to save his fortune and stay out of jail, all those things are greatly diminished in his mind if he's not the winner. So, you put all those various agendas and egos together, and you get the psyop that you are currently seeing. But, no, I do not believe he's controlled opposition.