BlazeTV's Steve Deace complains of “girly-man” pastors

Deace: “It's always a danger if a church has a women's group and not a men's group”

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Citation From the July 20, 2023, edition of BlazeTV's The Steve Deace Show

STEVE DEACE (HOST): This creates the environment that the girly-man pastor is hoping for. He has successfully spayed and neutered the men, or driven away the ones that would not be spayed and neutered, so no demands are being made of him. No one is saying to him after the sermon, brother, you gotta up your game. That ain't gonna cut it. I mean, I was at my school board meeting last week. They're trying to castrate my kid and feed them gay porn, and you're out here talking about, you know, five steps to looking nicer, okay, in front of demons. That ain't gonna cut it, brother. That -- that doesn't happen.

Like, a lot of churches don't even have, like, men's groups nowadays. Why? But -- but they'll have a -- it's always a danger if a church has a women's group and not a men's group. Why? Because again, women are built differently. Women have a -- have an innate desire for encouragement from other women, and it helps them to keep going to perform their roles as women. That's -- to be heard, to be affirmed, to be nurtured. There's nothing wrong with those things, they're made that way. Men have an innate desire and need to be held accountable by other men. Why? Because when we are held accountable, then that is what gives us the energy to keep going. See what I'm saying here?