BlazeTV host warns “those videos” of Sidney Powell interviews “will be devastating Democratic ads next year”

Deace: “It was always going to turn out like this. People were never going to go to prison for Trump”

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Citation From the November 14, 2023, edition of BlazeTV's The Steve Deace Show

STEVE DEACE (HOST): I'm going to say this now. And if and when it happens next year, I'm not even going to address it -- I'm just going to warn this now. Those videos will be devastating Democratic ads next year. Devastating. And if you live in a suburb or exurb of America, you know I'm telling you the truth. Because that's where that election is going to be determined, is in those locations. And those videos are just devastating.

Someone tweeted to me a little while ago, Steve, I can't believe you're thinking these prosecutions are legitimate. Have I ever said these prosecutions are legitimate?

TODD ERZEN (CO-HOST): The opposite in several cases.

DEACE: Yes. Not even. I don't believe they're legitimate. I also don't -- I also don't think any of you -- I don't think any of you Twitter tough guys are going to prison for Donald Trump. None of you are. But those are going to be devastating Democratic ads next year. And I tried to tell you a few weeks ago when many of my colleagues either ignored it or told you the opposite. If you think they're handing out plea agreements because you gave prosecutors nothing, then you're too dumb to vote or you've not even watched an episode of CSI, Judge Judy or literally any cop or court show that's ever aired, ever. Ever. Yes, I'm -- I'm sure Fulton County, just be on your merry way. We want nothing in return.

ERZEN: Night court was an Algonquin Round table compared to what a lot of you people believe.

DEACE: It was always going to turn out like this. People were never going to go to prison for Trump. I mean, I won't pay -- Trump, I won't pay your legal bills, you go to prison for me. Who is taking that deal? I'll answer that for you. Nobody is. Nobody. The people that you see on social media, the few of you that are actually on there, that walk on rusty nails for Trump, they're all getting paid to do that. Now, far be it for me to tell a billionaire how to spend his money, and looking at now what's gone on with Truth Social hitting an $80 million loss, that is some Brewster's Millions stuff right there, OK?