BlazeTV host Steve Deace praises parent for not accepting their LGBT child, claiming LGBT Americans want to “infest our children”

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Citation From the October 18, 2023, edition of BlazeTV's The Steve Deace Show

STEVE DEACE (HOST): Needless to say, it has been three years. I haven't physically seen or spoken to her in two years. She has my number blocked and moved to another state with the person the government labels as her wife. Steve, all of this stuff is demonic. Satan knows that the family structure is God's greatest weapon on earth against evil. The greatest way Satan can grab dominion is to tear apart families of believers. Parents will do anything for their kids. Almost all parents would not risk losing their relationship with their kids over this, so almost all cave in and affirm. They will have to answer for that one day. This is the hardest thing imaginable. I want to see her and hug her and talk to her badly. Not a day goes by that I don't think about her and my entire demeanor suffers. I only have a handful of family that support my wife and I. My parents kinda do, and I have one aunt and her husband and their two adult children, and that's it. Everyone else thinks we are wrong, and some won't even speak to us. I bring this to you because I wanted to bring your -- bring you encouragement. Keep doing what you're doing. Keep talking boldly. Never ever -- I never ever thought something like this could happen to us, and if it could happen to a family like mine, it can truly happen to anyone. So, keep sounding the alarm of the evil demonic forces that are capturing our kids and all of society. David.

This is not as uncommon of a story as we would wish, unfortunately. I have nothing to add except what David himself just said. And I wanted to share this note because I wanted this to be reminded -- and there's a reason I read this note after the last one we just read -- the level of conviction here. Mister -- or is it Sir Humpalot? Sir Humpaot has a lot of conviction, and others like this person have a lot of conviction to infest your children. A lot. A lot of our institutions have a lot of conviction to infest our children. And it's -- it -- it's going to take a lot of conviction to stop them from doing it. And if they have come to the point that they can penetrate the bubble of families, even like the one that David articulated here, understand that this thing has metastasized deeply into our culture, and the only way out is through. I'd urge everybody in our audience to pray for David and families like him, to maintain their conviction, and that the lord would reward that in this life or the next. Either of you have any thoughts?

TODD ERZEN (CO-HOST): I just -- through all this, you can see how patently obvious the slang that caused a lot of these people that aren't supporting this man was from the beginning. The whole love is love thing, because this is a father who's implementing a standard to keep a relationship, right relationship, to keep connection. Where is the love from the daughter? Casting all people who don't agree with you out into the leper colony? The people that raised you?


This whole love is love thing, look what it did. They're the biggest tyrants, terrorists to truth, beauty, all things. They are destroyers. That's what love is love gets you, destruction.


AARON MCINTIRE (CO-HOST): At the time we're taping this, my son, Ben, not even two years-old, I cannot -- I don't wanna imagine the day when he's older than this, actually, but I know that day's coming. And even now, I do -- I bristle at the thought of him going through something like this. Being tempted in the ways, and following through on that temptation in the ways that your daughter has been. So, you know, I don't -- I'm -- I'm not in your shoes exactly, but I, you know, to some degree, I kind of understand that. But I think each of us here can think of examples of fathers -- I'm thinking of one right now, of fathers whose family, whether it's the wife or the children, have gone through something like this. And instead of turning to the direction that you turned, or staying the course that you are on, completely capitulated. And boy, howdy. You wanna talk about destruction? That guy's a shell of himself. Not a real person, really. Not a real person. For the sake of family -- family unity, has completely sold out. And it's just a -- he's a -- he's a joke of a male. Just a joke of a male, and you would be too. You would be too right now, but by God's grace. And props to you, brother, you stayed on the narrow path.

DEACE: Amen.