BlazeTV host Steve Deace: If COVID-19 vaccines weren't “a purposeful depopulation scheme ... what behavior would they have done differently, if it is one?”

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Citation From the March 24, 2023, edition of BlazeTV's The Steve Deace Show

STEVE DEACE (HOST): They go on to say that the vaccines are safe and effective. It is clear the global status machine attempted to create a virus that would significantly reduce the population of planet Earth. If it isn't a depopulation scheme -- okay, fine. Let's say that it was a purposeful depopulation scheme. How would they have behaved any differently than they already have? What behavior would they have done differently, if it is one?

It is no less clear that they intended the cure to be the icing on the cake. In fact, when one considers the vast and ever-increasing amount of information becoming available almost daily, a person capable of critical thinking must give a reasonable credence to the idea that the cure was the original sin and the COVID-19 virus was created as the catalyst to introduce the real agent of death that the vaccination turned out to be.

Guys, there's -- if you do the math, we've done that on the show, there's over 1,000 percent better odds that you will suffer a major adverse event from the COVID vaccine than you will die of COVID-19. Like, from the very beginning of the virus. We did the math all the way through. It's something like 1,066 percent greater likelihood you suffer a major adverse event from the vaccine than you would die of COVID.

Let's see, what about hospitalizations? Two and a half percent. That's the number. Two and a half percent of people who suffered, who tested positive for COVID ended up in hospitals. Two and a half percent. They're go on to say, don't always agree with you guys, but damn sure appreciate your candor, your passion and your conviction. My best to you guys. That's very well put, both to Ken and Amanda Barton. Thank you for that.