On YouTube, Steve Bannon falsely claims 2020 elections were “illegal”

Bannon: There was “massive voter, ballot, and election fraud”

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Citation From the January 5, 2021, edition of War Room: Pandemic

STEVE BANNON (HOST): Two parts to the case. One, because the state legislatures by the Constitution are the guys that make the rules, you can't change the rules. These are illegal elections. Right? This is the big issue we've got up in Pennsylvania, that's why Parnell's coming on.

The second part of the case is that there's massive, underline massive voter, ballot, and election fraud -- massive voter, ballot, and election fraud. Ladies and gentlemen, we don't need to go find a gun battle in Frankfurt, we don't need to find a server on the moon. I know that upsets some of you, live with it, OK? We're about winning. We need focus, not fantasy -- focus, not fantasy, OK?