On War Room: Pandemic, Steve Cortes compares mail-in voting to Jim Crow-era poll taxes and literacy tests

Cortes: Mail-in voting “created two classes of voters,” which is “what was done in the Jim Crow South”

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Citation From the December 18, 2020, edition of War Room: Pandemic 

STEVE CORTES (GUEST): What we saw in Pennsylvania, Georgia, unfortunately, even though the volume of mail-in votes exploded of course in these states, is we saw the rejection rate plunge to almost zero in these states. What that tells us is there was no vetting, there was absolutely no scrutiny. Not only is that wrong because it invites fraud, but it's also wrong, Steve, because there is a constitutional issue there, then. 

That's the 14th Amendment issue, you have effectively created two classes of voters. You have in-person voters, primarily Trump people, right, who showed up and there are three levels of scrutiny on them. Number one, they have presented themselves, their body, number two, identification, number three, a signature. Three levels of verification that they are valid voters. 

For these mail-in votes, none. Literally no level of verification at all. You have effectively -- this is what was done in the Jim Crow South -- that's why those practices were illegal, were unconstitutional in the South -- poll taxes, literacy taxes, et cetera. They were creating two classes of voters. Two classes of voters were created in Pennsylvania and in Georgia. It's wrong, it's unethical and it's unconstitutional.

The statistical case is overwhelming that the president actually won these states and perhaps even by substantial margins. And, by the way, Steve, that's before we get into voting machines, which to me is just icing on the cake.


What is the point of electing Republicans in these states if they're going to be a bunch of feckless eunuchs? Let's make sure that they feel the heat of the people of America who know that this election was won by Donald Trump and he needs to be sworn in again for a second term.