On War Room, election denial activist Cleta Mitchell announces coup memo author John Eastman will speak at an upcoming poll watcher training

Steve Bannon: “All votes don't count, OK?”

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Citation From the October 18, 2022 edition of Real America's Voice's War Room: Pandemic

STEVE BANNON (HOST): All progressive Democrats, take your number two pencil out and write this down. All votes don't count, OK? All votes don't count. All your illegal, all your non-chain of custody, all your non-certifiable votes don't count and they're not going to count and this is why you're throwing a fit, because you understand if you can't cheat you can't win.

I don't care if DOJ doesn't like hearing that, I don't care if Joe Biden and his illegitimate group of crooks in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue don't like it, I could care less, Nancy Pelosi or anybody.


CLETA MITCHELL (ELECTION INTEGRITY NETWORK): Tomorrow in Albuquerque, we have a special summit, training, for people in Albuquerque, all over New Mexico, we urge you to come.


We'll have training all afternoon about how people can become poll challengers and observers in New Mexico, we need people in New Mexico, John Eastman, Dr. John Eastman will be speaking, Jenny Beth Martin will be speaking, Lynn Taylor who led the charge in Virginia will be saying, giving a speech on if it can happen in Virginia in 2021, it can happen in New Mexico in 2022. So it's not too late but we've got to get out there.

Update (10/28/22): In leaked audio of his speech to the Election Integrity Network meeting in New Mexico, Eastman can told volunteers to "“Document what you’ve seen, raise the challenge. And [note] which of the judges on that election board decline to accept your challenge. Get it all written down" because “That then becomes the basis for an affidavit in a court challenge after the fact.”

He also advised the crowd, “You are allowed to make a written record of anything you see not going on correctly. That’s called creating evidence,” saying it would become the basis for “legal challenges if we need them.”