On Steve Bannon's podcast, Mike Lindell calls for “at least 25” state audits of the 2020 election

Lindell claims he'll bring evidence to the Supreme Court by Thanksgiving: “This was a cyberattack by China”

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Citation From the October 12, 2021, edition of Real America's Voice's War Room: Pandemic 

MIKE LINDELL (GUEST): We found out it's a lot easier when you go into these red states that Donald Trump won. Everyone's willing to, "Hey, did it happen in our state?" We go in, we show them, yes, it did. And by the way, Steve, you can do a real audit, a full audit on a machine all the way through the routers, in about two weeks if you don't have all the obstruction that we got in Arizona and stuff. Those are called fraudits when you — that they're trying to do in Michigan, a fraudulent audit. But to do a real quick audit, you can do it in about 14 days.

Anyway, getting all these states on board, we've got right now upwards of nine, I want to get at least 25 on board. I hope we should get — hopefully, we would get all 50 because this isn't about Democrat, Republican, this is about saving our country. This was a cyberattack by China using the — yes, there were help here. But so now we get all this done. These guys sign on as the plaintiffs. The states are the plaintiffs, OK? And when I say before Thanksgiving, we are bringing the case to them before Thanksgiving, everybody. Now whether they accept it or not, it's up to the Supreme Court. I really believe that it'll be — it'll be 9-0 that they accept the case. Be real clear on that, that they accept the case. Because you know why? They are nine people. They have grandchildren, children, they live the American dream. And when they see this evidence — 

STEVE BANNON (HOST): But Mike, Mike, Mike. So first off, if you get 25, you're going to be here five years from now. How many — what's the minimum you believe, or your lawyers are telling you right now? 

LINDELL: One. You only need one, Steve. Steve, you only need one.

BANNON: Fine. OK, OK, I got it.

LINDELL: And then when we bring it , all the evidence we'll dump it there —

BANNON: Why do you think — hang on, hang on. Slow down. Why do you think, for a court that has avoided this and gone out of their way to avoid it with all the different cases that were brought up at every different level, right? I mean, every different federal level in all these different states and DePerno up in Michigan, the guys in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and Georgia and Arizona, all of it, maybe even I think Wisconsin was just in the state. No, I think Wisconsin actually went to federal court too, after the state court. Why when the court system and particularly the Supreme Court, has gone out of its way, you had Paxton and these guys, all the attorney generals filed that, they've gone out of their way to avoid this. What is Mike Lindell got that's going to convince them just to even take it up? Forget how they're going to rule, just even take it up.

LINDELL: The evidence of an attack through — of a foreign country on our country, a cyber attack of the biggest historical crime in history. Everybody can see the manifestation of that right now.