Steve Bannon's podcast co-host condemns Democrats for something Steve Bannon said

On September 24, Steve Bannon’s War Room: Pandemic co-host Jack Maxey said it’s “incredibly irresponsible for the Democrats” to talk about a civil war, referring to a comment made by The New York Times columnist Tom Friedman on CNN, and that they “should be condemned at every moment to even talk about the American citizens taking up arms against one another.”  None of the hosts offered evidence that Democrats are or have ever done this.

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Citation From the September 25, 2020, edition of War Room: Pandemic 

In fact, it is Bannon who is pushing the idea of a civil war. Just three days earlier, he said, “We are in the pregame of the civil war in the United States.”

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Citation From the September 21, 2020, edition of War Room: Pandemic

Bannon and company are currently on a “national tour” to spread incoherent election conspiracy theories.