Steve Bannon's guests tout precinct committeemen “chatrooms” to “take over” Broward County, Florida

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Citation From the September 27, 2021, edition of Real America's Voice's War Room: Pandemic

STEVE BANNON (HOST): Steve, you're one of the leaders of the precinct committee strategy in south Florida. I know you've got Chris and Mike with you, talk to us about what you guys have been doing, how tough it's been, but you have a massive turnout tonight. So walk us through the nuts and bolts of what you guys have accomplished.

STEVE STERN (GUEST): So tonight we have the great turnout. We got 113 people we're going to sign on, which is the record for the Broward County Executive Committee. And why is that happening? Basically, it's your show where people have seen Dan Schultz and Schultz wrote a book on why we should join the executive committee. And if you go to, that's precinct strategy, dot com, you can see where to buy the book and reading his information. And there's also a video on there about why you should join and all this information. If you want to get a hold of us, give us a call, we can bring you what information you want. A lot of people ask about precinct strategy and how to get involved. We're glad to help you. Over the country, we got a lot of people joining. We just got information back; Dan who's been working on this for 14 years. We started with about 130,000 of the 400,000 people that are members. We now have over 230,000 people who have joined the executive committee. If you want to learn how you can be on an executive committee, give us a call. We're going to let you know through our people here on the right and left. We're going to get Chris Marino on you, who's the membership chair. He's going to talk to us about what's happening and how we're getting people involved. Chris.


CHRIS MARINO (GUEST): We have about 400 plus precinct committeemen in our county broken down into about 24 cities. And information flow is key among those hundreds of people. So for the first time ever, what we're doing is we're organizing those groups into city by city and town by town groups into individual chatrooms. And this is facilitating a much better flow of information we're becoming more effective and more efficient for Broward county from the top-down, from the GOP down to the individual committeemen and then back up the line. We're not only improving getting out the vote by our committeemen being more effective in their individual neighborhoods, but we're also learning that we're finding volunteers. The committeemen are flowing information uphill, finding volunteers that are willing to run for office.


So these chatrooms individually are really helping our committeemen organize better chatrooms. City to city we've organized chatrooms and these individual committeemen can collaborate in their areas. And sometimes in one city, there is a problem that's different from another city within the county. So by having everything broken down within our county into individual groups, we're helping those groups to work out problems on their own and individual regions and then and work with one another and get back to facilitating better information flow across our county.


STERN: Some of the people that are helping us do this are George Lombardi who is a close friend of President Trump.


We've got Bob Sutton, who is head of the RLC, the Republican Liberty Caucus.

BANNON: What Stern and Marino and Reyes are telling you right now can happen in every precinct in every county in every district in the United States.