Steve Bannon: “We control this country. We've got to start acting like it.”

Bannon: “You look at these institutions, they are rotten to the core. They need to be rejuvenated and they will be rejuvenated, OK? Starting with the FBI and the Justice Department.”

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Citation From the October 4, 2021, edition of Real America's Voice's War Room: Pandemic

STEVE BANNON (HOST): Your power is unlimited if you apply it. Your power is unlimited, if you apply it. Obviously, with great power goes great responsibility. There's not a more responsible group in the world than the deplorables, the American working man and woman. OK? That is that --- on shoulders rests global prosperity that have freed more people than any nation on Earth in the history of the Earth. OK? And to show that, we've got how many American men and women are buried in and fought on foreign battlefields, right? Throughout the world. It is upon you that it all rests and now you're awakening to the fact that you actually have power. OK? And whether it's on a school board, whether it's an election official, whether it's at the precinct committeeman for the Republican Party, or yes, by volunteering to serve in the next Trump administration and getting up to speed on that right now. They're in full meltdown. They've contacted the School Board Association, contacted the FBI and the Justice Department because you're a domestic terrorist. Yeah, you're a domestic terrorist.

But guess what? All that psychological warfare -- and remember, there are not that many of them on the other side. We control this country. If you look at the values of working-class people and what they want, basically to be left alone, right? If you look at it, we are at least two-thirds of the nation. I actually think 75 percent, but we're two-thirds of the nation. The opposition and particularly the opposition elite and all their soy boys and everything in Silicon Valley, media, it's not a big part of the population, and they understand that. They understand it. The thing they fear is the righteous indignation of the working class in this country. And now they're seeing it. And that's why they're in meltdown. The story -- I gave this talk to these appointees and here's what I said, we're winning big in 2022. We're going to win big in 2024. We need to get ready now. Right? We control this country. We've got to start acting like it. And one way we're going to act like it, we're not going to have 4,000 ready to go. We're going to have 20,000 ready to go and we're going to pick the 4000 best and the most ready in every single department. And that's when we really start to deconstruct the administrative state that's, talking of CPAC.


You look at these institutions, they are rotten to the core. They need to be rejuvenated and they will be rejuvenated, OK? Starting with the FBI and the Justice Department. Yep.


NBC News: Bannon fires up 'shock troops' for next GOP White House

Scores of former Trump political appointees gathered at a GOP social club Wednesday night to hear Steve Bannon detail how they could help the next Republican president reconfigure government.

“If you’re going to take over the administrative state and deconstruct it, then you have to have shock troops prepared to take it over immediately," Bannon said in a telephone interview with NBC News. “I gave 'em fire and brimstone.”


His appearance at the Capitol Hill Club came at the invitation of a new organization called the Association of Republican Presidential Appointees, which was formed to create a resource for future GOP officials tapped to fill federal jobs.

“There are so many statutes and regulations as well as agency and departmental policies, it can be very overwhelming when you first come in,” said Jeffrey Scott Shapiro, a former Broadcasting Board of Governors official who is one of the organizers of the group. “This is an organization that has a very narrow, clear and much-needed purpose, and, once it is operational, I think it could do a lot of good not just for the Republican Party but for the country.”

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