Steve Bannon warns that “the battle lines are drawn” and the MAGA movement “has not yet begun to fight”

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Citation From the September 2, 2022, edition of Real America's Voice's War Room: Pandemic

STEVE BANNON (HOST): No American president, no even senior elected official in this nation’s history has ever given an address like that. And we are not going to back down one inch because we are winning and we’re going to deliver a crushing blow. 

It is now quite evident, we have a moral obligation, we have a moral obligation to every patriot, every patriot’s grave, from the revolution down to the thirteen honored dead that Biden had slaughtered in Kabul airport at Abbey Gate, to win a crushing defeat, to put your shoulder to the wheel to make sure this individual is impeached and removed from office. He’s – let me repeat this. He’s illegitimate. 

The battle lines are drawn. There’s no compromise here. One side’s going to win and one side’s going to lose. Very simple. And they should understand, we’re not – not only not backing off an inch, we have not yet begun to fight, as John Paul Jones said. 

Give me your assessment of Joe Biden’s as president, quote, “President of the United States,” the sacrilege in front of Independence Hall, with the Marine Corps in the background, and the lights lit up like Moloch. Give me your assessment of that, sir.

KRIS KOBACH (GUEST): Well, Steve, the imagery, as you pointed out, is truly scary, and the other side says, oh yeah, it’s a wartime speech. Yeah, it’s a wartime speech and it has echoes of history in it. Remember, Hitler rose to power by demonizing the opposing party. The end of the Weimar Republic occurred in 1933, 1934, when – in June 1933, Hitler outlawed the opposing Social Democratic Party. This is a huge threat to our system and to do it at the birthplace of our Constitutional Republic just adds insult to injury.