Steve Bannon on Trump hush money trial: “The entire country has crossed the Rubicon”

Bannon: “It is incumbent upon MAGA to now save the nation”

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Citation From the April 15, 2024, edition of Real America's Voice's War Room

STEVE BANNON (HOST): Not just President Trump, not just the MAGA movement, the entire country has crossed the Rubicon today because we are in very uncharted territory, this sham, joke show trial. 


This is a political persecution, a political persecution. It couldn't be more evident. Biden, who has driven the country off the cliff and the globalist elites, the lords of easy money on Wall Street and of course the psychopath, sociopathic overlords from Silicon Valley. This is where we are. This is where we are. 

It is incumbent upon MAGA to now save the nation.