Steve Bannon tells listeners to call their representatives and demand they fire Speaker Johnson

Bannon: “This week we need to pound in your calls and your efforts into your congressman's local office”

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Citation From the April 22, 2024, edition of Real America's Voice's War Room

STEVE BANNON (HOST): Axios has a story that's popped. I'm sending it to my crack team. Dave, I just sent it to you. It is, "Hakeem Jeffries emerges as Congress' shadow speaker." I don't know if he's so much a shadow speaker. First time in the history of this country, a minority leader determined what came to the floor. Don't — look at who is slobbering all over Mike Johnson over the weekend. The worst elements of the Republican Party, the Liz Cheney, the worst elements of the Republican Party and Mika and Joe and all the mainstream media, they're all saying what I hear when I get — When there's — when people like that say you're a hero, you know the guy's a scumbag. By definition, you know he's a scumbag. And now Axios has finally said the quiet put it in print, the quiet part out loud. Hakeem Jeffries is the speaker of the house. This is why Johnson's gotta go. You fire Johnson, you're firing Hakeem Jeffries. He's got to go.


This week, we need to pound in your calls and your efforts into their local — into your congressman's local office in Johnson because they've all skedaddled. They're not in Washington this week because they wanna make sure they're not there to take the heat. They feel by going back to their districts, they can hide from you which they — we know you — they can't.

112 people voted no way, we're not doing this. 101 voted yes. They're the core of the problem with Johnson and quite frankly, the leadership team — the leadership team. This the — it's an endemic problem and they're the problem.