Steve Bannon says Trump impeachment defense should focus on election fraud to “fix November 3”

Bannon: “The hard facts” show “that this thing was stolen”

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Citation From the January 28, 2021, edition of War Room: Pandemic 

RUDY GIULIANI (GUEST): Twenty-eight states have machines in which you can change the vote, and 28 states have machines in which numerous votes go to adjudication and you don't know that your vote didn't get tabulated like 80% in Michigan. They certified that. The companies you're going to bring in certified that, which means they lied. So, I mean, I don't know of any company in that business that isn't part of that scheme. 

STEVE BANNON (HOST): What do you mean? But isn't that -- hang on, but isn't that within the -- I think, isn't that within the bandwidth of the definition of certification in Michigan? So, they didn't actually lie. They just -- they comported with the terms of service in Michigan. They did not -- so what's the definition of certification in Michigan? 

GIULIANI: No, no. When they certified it, they certified it and Dominion promised that you could not access the machine by the internet. The answer is you can and not only that all you have to do is real their manual. The manual tells you. 

BANNON: What do you need to prove -- OK, because, I'm just saying, Dominion is adamant in the fact that these things had no access to the internet. What is it that would- -

GIULIANI: That is a complete lie. 


GIULIANI: That is a complete lie. I mean, I have pictures of Dominion machines being connected to the internet. I have pictures of it. 


GIULIANI: I've been inside, I mean, my people have been inside 22 of them. They were all accessed by the internet. And not only that --  

BANNON: I take it this is all going to get adjudicated in whatever these lawsuits are. 

GIULIANI: It is, so let's have two separate examinations.  

BANNON: And you are saying, hey, I get full discovery, you're going to have full discovery so you'll be happy and you'll be able to prove it, right? 

GIULIANI: Yes. If I were -- 

BANNON: The only reason I'm not a machine guy is very simple. It takes the argument off of the low-hanging fruit. Remember, in Wisconsin, it's only 20,000 votes.

GIULIANI: But you've got to fix it, Steve. 

BANNON: I understand you've got to fix it. OK, you've got to fix it, but I'm trying to fix November 3 and I'm trying to fix it in the House of the U.S. -- in the floor of the U.S. Senate. This is why your evidence, first off, and this is why the president -- I understand why the president's people right now are going to argue this esoteric case about due process and the rule of law and everything about how the House comported itself. But he is going to be inundated with -- they are going to go back over all the language he has ever used, they are going to everything you and others did from November 4 on to say it stirred up people, and they are going to connect these dots of all this video on November 3 and say he riled up people, he is guilty of a violent insurrection against the United States.

And my point is that the argument there can't be esoteric because they are going to make an emotional argument. You've got the goods on the low-hanging fruit. We don't even need to talk about the machines. You've got what this guy Sullivan. You've got all the issues about antifa and other organizers that were there before the president took stage. Then you've got all the low-hanging fruit in Wisconsin, in Georgia, in Arizona that we don't even need to get into the esoteric. You've got the hard facts right there from Peter Navarro and others that show that this thing was stolen and you have a venue [to] finally produce it.

GIULIANI: A hundred percent.

BANNON: So, walk us through, what's your argument to the president of why you should do -- what Cortes got up on The National Pulse, he came in and he says that's the case you have to argue.