Steve Bannon says a Trump DOJ will bring felonies against the lawyers prosecuting him

Bannon: “This will happen upon us taking over the Justice Department is felonies on the prosecutorial team”

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Citation From the May 21, 2024, edition of Real America's Voice's War Room

STEVE BANNON (HOST): You are the vanguard of this movement and every revolutionary movement needs a vanguard that continues to drive the action. So just remember, you got to look at it in a one-year timeframe now with many component pieces to it. The lawfare — and they've thrown a ton of resources and efforts into this, including an entire media information warfare major front. Because you have to look at this as warfare, right? Major front. And it's crumbling around them to the point that — and I talk to some very, very smart lawyers, guys we don't have on here, I mean we have smart lawyers on here, but guys that because of their associations with clients and the big firms can't — they just can't come on the show, they can't be identified as Trump supporters, that's just the reality we're dealing in now.

We talked about that yesterday, about all the — going after the top, Caroline Wren was on here, about going after the lawyers, right, which they're trying to take a weapon away from us. But these lawyers are talking about actually the felonies and what they think ought to be prosecuted immediately and this will happen upon us taking over the Justice Department is felonies on the prosecutorial team for knowing that a guy was going to lie. Remember, they're officers of the court, they don't have the option, if they know a witness or someone that they're putting up there is going to perjure himself, that's a crime by supporting that. Not just the perjury itself but a crime.