Steve Bannon says President Joe Biden's handling of the Chinese spy balloon was a “high crime and a misdemeanor”

Bannon: “The inquiry on this has to be immediate”

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Citation From the February 6, 2023, edition of Real America's Voice's War Room

STEVE BANNON (HOST): The president didn't make a decision to quote unquote shoot it down and do whatever until the -- it was outed on Friday. They hid from the American people, if it had not been from an individual at the Billings Gazette walking out because a buddy told him, I think we got a UFO that's out there. If it had not been that, they would have hid the entire thing, knowing it, they would have hid it from the American people, let it traverse -- not just traverse the continent, but stay there, I think, for a day or two around the ICBM launch fields in north central Montana, as you can tell from, we ought to pull that up later, you can tell from the pattern it had. 

The inquiry on this has to be immediate. This is -- think about it for a second. They impeach Trump over some phone call with the poison dwarf Zelenskyy? They impeached him over that? This is an absolute -- this is a high crime and a misdemeanor and this must get -- we must find out who knew what on Saturday the 28th and was that the first time because I happen to believe that it was earlier than that.