Steve Bannon says the Murdoch family is “trying to destroy the United States of America”

Bannon: “They were not going to cover that speech live at all until I called the family out personally”

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Citation From the March 6, 2023, edition of Real America's Voice's War Room

STEVE BANNON (HOST): And President Trump right there from a policy perspective, and this is why I'm so upset with the Murdochs and Fox, think about it. They were not going to cover that speech live at all until I called the family out personally on Friday. And I know this because I heard a bunch of other people from other media companies call me, they're freaking -- some of their advisers are freaking out and they're freaking out because -- not because they were called out personally as foreigners, which they are. I said on the John Fredericks, they're rootless -- and ruthless, but they're rootless cosmopolitan elites, right? 

You know, they're from London or Australia, or Davos or East Hampton, they float around the world, they're not really of any one country and that's the problem. They're not Americans. We're not going to sit here, we're not going to allow them, because they're on record, they're saying that Donald Trump will never be president again, he will not get back to the White House. That's just dead wrong. Trump is going to win the primary, Trump is going to win the general election, and Trump is going to get back to the White House and take down the administrative state, defeat our enemies by not going to war, crush them economically on the Eurasian landmass and start to sort out this incredible and disastrous financial crisis we have.

You're seeing the end of the neoliberal, neocon order and the Murdochs are a massive supporter of that, they're one of the underpinnings of that, right? And they have done so much damage to this country. Because, we got here over a 30 or 40-year period. It just didn't arrive overnight, Biden, yes, we must turf out Biden and the illegitimate regime, obviously, from the White House and take on the administrative state, these are obviously bad actors. But we didn't just get here because of radical Democrats, we got here because of the compromise, consistently the compromise of the Republican Party elites, OK?

None of this would have happened right now if it was not for what I call the iron axis, the triangle they have, the triumvirate, that is the Ken Griffin oligarchs, the Wall Street oligarchs, coupled with Mitch McConnell, his donor base, and the collaborationist Senate that essentially gave Biden all these quote-unquote victories, all that spending particularly. And the Murdochs. And that group right there is fighting Trump in the primaries, right, with various different folks. 


And to think that until they took him live on Saturday after they were forced to because they were humiliated at being called out as being a bunch of foreigners in here trying to destroy the United States of America. Until they got called out personally, and the audience responded, remember, it was the audience, it wasn't Steve Bannon, it was the audience response to finally someone calling them out to their face, that's when they picked up Trump for the entire 90-minute, 2-hour CPAC.