Steve Bannon says Mike Pence should have acted on John Eastman's coup memo

Bannon and his guest praise Eastman's coup plan as having been necessary to maintain government legitimacy

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Citation From the October 28, 2021, edition of Real America's Voice's War Room: Pandemic 

STEVE BANNON (HOST): At 12 noon today, we're going to get – at 12 noon today, a couple of sheriffs up in Wisconsin are going to play body cam footage. What we're hearing is they're going to play body cam footage. They're doing a live press conference at 12:00 noon.


The body cam footage you are going to see about November 3rd and the lead up to it is going to shock you. Right now, you've got Arizona, right? Deep into it, you got Georgia deep into it there are courts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the easiest to prove is Wisconsin. And there's so much coming out of Wisconsin, and you got the great Reince Priebus, who's no fire-breather, a solid guy, one of the solid Wisconsin types. They'd say it's unbelievable stuff coming up every day. This all would have been averted if Mike Pence had done his job, if they had read the memo. Mike Pence's letter that he dropped at one o'clock is a lie. There's a lie in the first paragraph. There was never any discussion to flip these to – to flip these to Trump electors. It's to send it back to the states that plenary power, that requested it to come back to check the process of how the electors were certified.

And guess what's going to happen? And Little Jamie Raskin and Bennie, you are going to have to embrace this. This is called embracing the suck. We're going to decertify that. And look at the math. 35 percent of registered voters on Mourning Consult's poll, want to overturn this election. They don't want to – they're beyond decertification. They want to overturn it. OK? They want to overturn it.

John Eastman's memo will stand. You can meltdown all you want, right? And it's not the one that Costa and those guys put in the book, it's the real memo. The more detailed one, where he walks through everything. Is there anything, Brian, that you and Claremont are not proud of what John Eastman did? And what John Eastman's efforts were to make sure that a year into this, when the country is about to go into a recession, when there's an invasion on the southern border, we have a terrorist super-state in Afghanistan after 20 years, that everything that these people have touched, they have mangled. And now they're up on Capitol Hill – and I think he stayed for twenty minutes, right? I think Jill said, you need to get back. I need to put the bib on. You need your smashed peas and peaches before you get on the plane, right? Biden's wandering around looking for the men's room up there. What was it thirty minutes he spends on Capitol Hill – this big dramatic, e's going to go up and talk to everybody.

Is there anything you're not proud of, how Eastman comported himself and his intellectual integrity?

BRIAN KENNEDY (PRESIDENT, AMERICAN STRATEGY GROUP): No, I'm extremely proud of John. Everyone else is too. What John was trying to do at the end of the day was also to offer legitimacy to the government. If you conduct January 6th and just let everything go through the way it was and not examine what happened on November 3rd, you have a substantial body of Americans -- and this is ultimately what happened, right? – who just think the election was stolen. And they're going to live every day of their lives as if the election was stolen because they believe it was stolen, it looked like it was stolen. And so what John was offering to the entire country was a way for all of us to take a pause to send this back to the states, have the elected representatives examine how the votes were certified and either affirm that certification or change that certification in the hopes of providing legitimacy to this government. That didn't happen.


This was not a free and fair election. Everyone sees that.