Steve Bannon says his audience would embrace a third and fourth Trump term

Bannon: “Of course, our audience, hey, three, give me three, I’ll throw in a fourth, right? What’s this Barron thing? Don’t skip Don Jr.”

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Citation From the May 21, 2024 edition of Real America's Voice's War Room

STEVE BANNON (HOST): Your piece today and President Trump, I don't know if we have the clip. President Trump, and knowing President Trump, he's saying it to get a reaction. He said it in the Time Magazine cover story, which I thought was one of the best interviews he gave. It was explosive. The Time guy did a really good job. And then he said it the other day, he's saying it now all the time at his rallies. What is President Trump saying that you picked up on and did some deep dive on?

JOSHUA GREEN (GUEST, BLOOMBERG NEWS): So my piece is called “Trump Forever?”with a question mark, and it's based on you know, I get to sit in on how to focus groups and stuff from time to time. Strategists in both parties will let me do this just to kind of get a pulse of what voters are talking about and worrying about. And one thing that I picked up on was that a lot of undecided voters and a lot of voters, who actually voted for Biden in 2020 but then have turned against him, are hesitant to vote for Donald Trump because they're afraid that if Trump is reelected, he'll never leave the White House, that he'll wipe out term limits, declare himself king and essentially establish a permanent presidency. And this is a real fear among real people who are out there.

BANNON: This is because, you think the media has played, by the way, let's play the clip from President, because President Trump does do this now just about every rally. Let's go ahead and play it.


TRUMP: You know, FDR, 16 years. Almost 16 years. He was four term. I don't know. Are we going to be considered three term or two term?

You tell me. Ronnie, what do you think? Are we three term or two term, if we win?


BANNON: Three-term or two-term, and then the audience always goes, three, three, the voters.

GREEN: Look. This isn't a media fabrication. You know this. Trump likes to talk about this stuff. Number 1, he said I'll be a dictator for a day. Sean Hannity invites him on to knock it down, and he goes, no, no, I meant it. I’m serious, just for a day. 

BANNON: Hold it, but my point is you have a very wise individual quoted in this story that says to do that would take two-thirds of the House and the Senate. It's a whole process. It's not going to happen. He does this. This is what I love about him. Okay. First off, half of this audience would say, hey, I'm good. How do we make this happen?

Of course, MAGA would say, of course, how you do it? He’s clearly trying to trigger people. But you're saying when you actually sit in these focus groups, there are some independent voters who might vote for Trump who actually get triggered by this.

GREEN: That’s right, they're afraid of it. And we had, you know, one guy in this, in this focus group, you know, undecided voter in Pennsylvania went for he's not just worried about a Trump permanent presidency. He thinks it's going to be a monarchy where he's going to pass it off to Barron, you know, for a couple terms. And then essentially, it will be like, you know, France in the 18th century or something. It'll be Trumps forever. 

BANNON: So that's 25% of the War Room. No. We're anti-monarchists. We're definitely small-r republicans. We don’t even like the monarchy in England.

Look forward to these other pieces as you do with this, this one on economics and big and the one about President Trump may be inadvertently scaring people, right. Of course, our audience, hey, three, give me three, I’ll throw in a fourth, right? What’s this Barron thing? Don’t skip Don Jr.