Steve Bannon rallies to Ken Paxton's defense, tells audience to call Texas state senators

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Citation From the September 5, 2023, edition of War Room 

STEVE BANNON (HOST): Over 100 years ago, I think it was in 1917, a populist governor of Texas was impeached. This is the first time since then. Remember this impeachment, as we said on the Saturday special, is not really about Ken Paxton. This is a, once again in our 30 front war, this is a massive front. And that is because the ascendency of the Trump movement, the populist movement, in Texas versus the old Bush junta. 

The deplorables, MAGA, all of it tied together down in Texas and this is why the Bush junta has teamed with Democrats. This is the exact same thing that's going around the country. In Texas it's the impeachment trial of Ken Paxton. Now, we are calling on all MAGA to light the phones up of those senators and tell them let's wrap this thing up and also the Lieutenant Governor, Patrick, Dan Patrick. Just go ahead and make sure you get to, that the Lieutenant Governor today. Make sure you get to the senators today and say we want this thing wrapped up quickly, these charges are ridiculous, this is political.

But what you're seeing here, in a small scale, is exactly what's going on in Georgia. In Georgia you have, once again, radical Democrats working with Kemp, who's a part of the Bush junta, right, he's the Georgia branch of that. That's the donor class, the establishment, the uniparty working with radical Democrats, working with Fani Willis.