Steve Bannon promises to threaten “every member of Congress” “by bayonet” if they don’t fall in line

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Citation From the October 27, 2022, edition of Real America's Voice's War Room: Pandemic

STEVE BANNON (HOST): What word of advice would you give to leadership in the House in the next two weeks and then after they take power?

KASH PATEL (GUEST): It's simple. I said, I have no problem going around the country campaigning for you because you care about America First values. And you better not forget the things that you campaigned on: accountability, destroying the two-tiered system of justice, and ending the politicization of law enforcement in our military. Gone are the days where you force individuals who are brave enough to serve this country to choose between faith and a fake China virus jab. These things have to be front and center. Reinstating those law enforcement military personnel that were removed from their positions because they chose faith over a jab that wasn't fully tested.

But what I'm going to remind these people of that we're sending to Washington -- the Laxalts, the Blakes, the J.D.s, and everybody else -- is that you guys, on these committees, with the majority, have to come in and subpoena everybody and every record and put them out for the American people, not keep them to yourselves. Two, you got to kick all these people off the committees like they did to us. Watermelon head Schiff, Swalwell and company, AOC and the whole squad have no business touching the American Constitution because they have lit it on fire for the last five years. And they will not be permitted to have leadership positions of any kind.

And we will conduct a full scale overhaul of the intelligence and law enforcement communities, whether it's with -- through a Church-like commission or otherwise. Every member of Congress and every senator needs it be known that when they're sworn in on January 1st, they were sent there for these reasons. This is why the American public sent you there. And if they forget, I'm going to come on your show and remind them, by name. 

BANNON: No, we're going to do it by bayonet.