Steve Bannon praises Tucker Carlson's Russia coverage, asks when the world will have had enough of Zelensky

Bannon says that “four provinces that are in kind of dispute” and that its sovereignty is an “open question”

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Citation From the March 10, 2022, edition of Real American's Voice's War Room: Pandemic

STEPHEN BANNON (HOST): I want to give a hat tip to Tucker Carlson. In the fog of war, Tucker every night is a opportunity over at stupid TV, because the rest of it is just the warmonger neocon. They're as bad or worse than MSNBC, because MSNBC and CNN, you know you're just getting right up in your face, right up in your grill.

And I want to ask, you know, the world, how quickly is the world, a rational people going to have a bellyfull of Zelensky? And he's the hero, he's given the Churchill speech and everything like that. Sorry. You must close the sky, the world, you have done nothing. This is not – this is beyond goading us into this. This is absolutely guilt-tripping you. It's your fault. I told you he was going to get to that point. You have done nothing. You will only make it worse. Millions are going to die and you're eventually going to close the sky.

I don't think that's going to happen, Zelensky, and I think it's time that you get rational, because you've got to put — the more you keep happy talking these people — and when I say happy talking, let me talk about – there's four types in our hybrid warfare and unrestricted warfare what we call it – the Chinese Communist Party. You have obviously kinetic and that's what you're seeing. You know, the tanks and the shells and the hospitals getting blown up. You have the – economic war, which we're at offensive economic war with Russia right now, the Russian people trying to take down the Russian economy so that they revolt against their regime and overthrow Putin. You have cyber, right? In there. They're a cyber superpower, and we're hoping it doesn't get to cyber because that's just one level down from nuclear and biological and chemical, right? That's where the whole — all the lights could go out. And then you have information. And you're — right now this is an information war. And the audience for this war is you. The audience for this war is you. They're trying to guilt-trip you. They're trying to — with all these emotions today, with everything going on that is — that the heart of the matter and we're going to get to the heart of the matter in a second. Ben Harnwell in Rome. Peter Navarro will join us. And we're going to talk — what did Saint Paul say? When I was a child, I thought, like a child, we're not going to be thinking like children here. We don't. We address you as adults. We address you as adults, and we're going to do that today.

But the great papers of the world. Zelensky accuses Russia of hospital — a hospital hit with attack as civilians grow, hospital, Russia bombs maternity hospital, Russia strikes, hits maternity hospital. They had the same – does the same editor write the same headline over again? It's like they don't talk. There's no communication. And by the way, all the things are: Zelensky's a hero, rallied world leaders, now employees in there join the fight. It's everything on the front page of the great papers of the world. All here, which we go through every day – the great papers of the world. There's nothing that really gets to the heart of it. There's nothing about the Lavrov meeting. There's nothing about the four demands, there's nothing about Ukraine telling them to screw off, which is a negotiating posture. I got it. None of that. Nothing really about the Chinese stepping in here and being the big winner. Nothing. Nothing about that. Nothing important, and these are not — this is not Citizen Free Press. This is not Gateway Pundit, right? National File. National Pulse. You pick them. It's not that. It's the great — this is the learned. These are the learn — these are the people. These are the papers written by your betters. Read by your betters, right? And acted upon.

Well, here's what they ain't acting upon. It's more and more evident that this is a regional problem and should be handled regionally, and somebody has got to tell Brother Zelensky there: There is no calvary that's going to come. We've continued to mislead these people and I've said this, this is why there's the death and destruction. We misled them dramatically on what we were prepared to do to keep away the KGB-run Russian dictatorship. Right? Four provinces that are in kind of dispute and just go back and look at the history. These are disputed. I hate when people say, oh, Ukraine is a nation, but their nationhood and their sovereignty, and their self-determination. Well, that's kind of still an open question. Media Matters, the leftists over at Media Matters talk about how the left's become warmongers. They say Dave Brat and Steve Bannon saying, hey, you've got to surrender, but never said anybody should surrender, ever. We said that there are demands out there by the aggressors and there's Europe in their position. And like most things, it gets either worked out, war, like in Japan, in the Confederacy, Japan, Nazi Germany, and in the fascists in Rome. It's unconditional surrender. I haven't heard an unconditional surrender that's not looking – that's a negotiated deal. So I want to get to all of that and how we're going to get out here, and here's how we're going to get here, we're going to get out here with a negotiated deal. That's what's going to happen. As soon as Zelensky knows that he can't go guilt-trip the West and particularly the United States. And they're doing it. And Joe Biden, the Biden Administration and Jen Psaki, and nobody in that room has put them on the spot and said tell us specifically what your objectives are in this exercise. What are your war aims? Because Morning Joe, remember it's all at war. We're at war, we're at war, we're at war. They're trying to wag the markets now. They had the worst inflation numbers, like in human history in 40 years, just came out this morning. Inflation is out of control on the dumpster fire of their economy. Of course, what we did is they – the House last night passed the $1.5 trillion dollar annual deficit that we told you that they were going to do. It's five-and-a-half trillion dollars or $5.25 trillion dollars, overall spending got to consider the transfer payments, right, and increases in defense spending, and Republicans all voted for that. Virtually all of them voted for the defense spending and had the social justice warriors got to, basically kind of, match up. So we're throwing napalm onto an already a burning dumpster fire. Of course, now they're trying to blame it on Putin and everything like that. We're not going to let them get away with that. No chance, impossible. It is a situation that has spun out of control because of your betters. But you're sitting there rock solid. And if we just hold the line here, this is all going to get worked out.

The one thing that's true, the longer it goes on, more of the women and children are going to get killed because the Russians aren't stopping. They're heading down to Odessa. We told you the land bridge all the way across. They're going to take the ports. And if this thing goes on, they're going to add a new demand. Besides Crimea, they're going add in a fifth demand, oh yeah, by the way, we want to throw in Odessa, want to throw in Odessa and that kind of land bridge over to the West. So that we control all the ports of Ukraine. And that's where we are. But in all of this, to make sure that we're all in junction, our great allies remember the EU, the economic, the European Union, and NATO are two different things. NATO is the defense pact, which is really just a combined headquarters group in Brussels. They do some operations together, but it's really combined. So don't let them tell you. It's really – and these are all deadbeats. They're all deadbeats. The Germans being the biggest deadbeats. I told the Germans to their face when they were in the White House. I said, you're deadbeats, you're a total deadbeats. Complete deadbeats. We pay for everything and you skate by. And they said, oh, we can't do it because we have a constitutional – we have a constitutional thing. You have to have a balanced budget. I said, well, we would like to have that too, but we're paying for you deadbeats. Cause you're deadbeats. EU's totally different, that's the economic organization that I am glad to have been part of, to work with to assist the British people that exited from in Brexit. Right? But the EU today's their meeting in Versailles, the place where the treaty they came up with the concept after the World War I that guaranteed the [unintelligible]. And so what better symbolism than to go to the exact place where the League of Nations was all thought up in the, you know, and they came up with that in Versailles. The economic consequences of the peace that did a – essentially came up with the solution for the first World War, the Great War, the war to end all worlds that guaranteed, that guaranteed you were going to have a slaughter pen in a decade or two. And guess what? The United States, they're going to come in and bail you out again, bail you out again. Saving Private Ryan, the Twelve O'Clock High, take all the war movies. That's American kids from this great country, with American taxpayers bailing them out again, bailing the old world out again because they're in a cockpit in Europe and they got to be fighting each other. So what better place for Macron – and Macron, say he's a great guy. You know, the former Rothschild's banker, hey, that's not, it's not code word. That's where he worked. He worked at Rothschild and Company. He was an investment banker. I've worked across the table from Rothschild's, right? Right. One of Trump's cabinet members was a Rothschild's banker.