Steve Bannon lashes out at “incompetent” Lachlan Murdoch

After railing at Rupert Murdoch, Bannon also goes after Lachlan and James Murdoch: “The sons are worse because they're more incompetent. They're a bunch of rich kids.”

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Citation From the September 22, 2023, edition of Real America's Voice's War Room 

STEVE BANNON (HOST): I want to just make sure people understand the class of Donald Trump. Donald Trump knows what Murdoch and what Fox have tried to do to him, calling him a non-person, and to go and to destroy him when he was at his weakest. Right when he left the White House in those first couple of months, right? From January to starting getting your sea legs probably April or May. And that's when the Murdochs really made the move to make him a non-person to give him no coverage, nothing. Think about what, think about that mentality. Everything Donald Trump had done for this country and as much as the Murdochs tried to suck up to him when he is president.

That tells you what scumbags they are, and the sons are worse. First of all the sons are worse because they're more incompetent.

They’re just two rich kids. If their names were Lachlan Smith and James Smith, they'd be some mid-level marketing guy somewhere. In another country because they’re not Americans.

Foreigners should not be able to own cable properties, cable news properties. Why are we letting foreigners, do you see any Americans owning big networks or cable news in England? Do you see them own them in Australia? Don't think so. Those countries run them. I don't know why we're having foreigners. And all they want you to be is dumb.